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Takes a little practice getting them on correctly but they make a drastic difference. I have lots of loose skin in my inner eyelid corner and can’t really address that as the skin is so thin but they give a great overall lift. I don’t look quite as tired. I’m 60 and won’t use these every day as taking them off kind of isn’t comfortable but for special occasions ( like when I actually put on makeup 😂. I’m a no makeup other than foundation and concealer girl and these aren’t even detectable

One Curvy has become my go-to for all things beauty! Their range of products is not only inclusive but also of exceptional quality. from their skincare essentials to their innovative eyelid stickers, each item feels like a treat. plus their dedication to building a supportive community is truly inspiring. Highly recommend!

I wasted several strips trying to position it right. Once on, it stays on , this is me last night, I took a picture of my eye, before and after, I am amazed (I am a 57 years old man, sorry for not trimming my eyebrows, lol) I am really amazed! Don’t worry, with practice, you will get amazing results like me .

I could not be happier with this product. I always felt insecure because of my hooded eyes. Putting eye make-up on was a daily struggle! I didn’t have much time to apply them today before going out and I got it first try! WHAT A CHANGE!!!

Very easy to use, but I wasted a couple trying to get the hang of it. Not damaging at all the the eyelid, and gives me a fresher, more rested look without going under the knife. I like that there are many different sizes to choose from, and includes very precise tweezers to apply them with. Would recommend!

I don’t even know where to begin… These small strips are easy to apply and virtually invisible. I thought, “ok, I’ll try them”…I am literally amazed at the difference in my droopy, hooded eyes. I was contemplating plastic surgery but not anymore. I will add these to auto delivery!!

I was told that Botox was the only option other than surgery, neither of which I wanted to do so I was so happy when these worked as I had hoped they would! I will be purchasing more!

I was very skeptical when I first heard about these but I am SO happy I gave them a try!!! These are amazing. Easy to apply and they are completely hidden/transparent! Going to wear these for an upcoming wedding and I cannot wait!

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